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Animated Batsquatch

No, it's not. Many deny existance of Sasquatch, the Loch Ness monster, and aliens trailing in Hale-Bopp's dust but documented proof of Batsquatch's existance cannot be refuted.

Artist’s rendition based on the following description: Pterodactyl-like creature with purple body, blood red eyes, and wings

Need Proof

Take a look at this recently published article from a prominant Washington periodical.

Yelmidians take cover under shadow of suspicious creature. Mountain News

Fear continues to dominate the men, woman, and children of this town as a dark shadow looms overhead. Suspicions persevere and rumors spread as far too many sightings of “a winged bat-like creature” go unexplained. It started as childish rumors after the May 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens and has spread to community horror as the truth Batsquatch over Mt Rainiercontinues to emerge. While preparing for a climb in early 1994, local mountaineer and liquor store owner Butch Whittaker managed to take several pictures of the beast during a rare midday flight (see left). Butch Whittaker, expert in paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena, considers himself lucky to experience this encounter but adds, "I'm not surprised. These things happen to me all the time." Although government officials deny the existence of any photographic evidence, our staff experts closely scrutinized all photos and found no reason to hold this position.

To date four goats, five chickens, two cows, and our prized pig are unaccounted for. No humans are reported missing but this is no measure of the never-ending toll placed on this community’s pride and mental well-being. All Pioneer Day festivities were canceled last week and with the recent loss of Priscilla Pig, scheduled dancing this Saturday presumably will fall prey to this monstrous being as well. Neither Police Chief Durhamm nor our Mayor will estimate potential long term effects of continued attacks but both were obviously saddened by the loss of Priscilla.

Editor’s note. If you have seen this creature, report to the nearest Unexplained Flying Kinetically Retaliatory Animal office immediately 

Need more proof
Look at these Photos!!!



Zoom InSculpture dedicated to perilous creature found in remote village.

Batsquatch's denClimber at what could be an entrance to the beasts fortress.

Need even more proof !!!

A Batsquatch Encounter - February 3, 1998 e-mail sent to the webmaster

(due to potential ridicule from disbelievers, I must support the writer's request for anonimity)



"Enclosed is an actual account of what occurred to me some time ago. I believe it may give some insight on some items concerning a large creature. I know it is little and not very scientific, as I am not a scientist, but I imagine that any information you may receive will help others know of the strange creature that has been sited."

The Believer...


Erin's reaction to Batsquatch
Actual recording from the den of Batsquatch
The official Batsquatch theme song
Washington Outdoors - Where Batsquatch plays
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Belief in the existance of this powerful creature comes with time but until then, heed this warning: Approach Cascade travel as a sentry anticipates dawn:

with a watchful eye...Watchful eye

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