Benji's Quotes

"I'm going by Benjamin now, it sounds more mature"

"Benji is life, the rest are just details, life is Benji"

"Me fail English? that's unpossible!"

"Mother says I need to try to look more respectable."

"(After a girl handed him a ring that lights up when you push it) Joel!!! LOOKIE! *pushes ring into Joels cheek and watches it light up* It`s so purty."

"Its surprising that I smell good...seeing that I haven't showered in...three weeks."

"I'm going to...go...walk into traffic now."

"Yeah, on our day off we went to Disney World for the first time, and Joel was like a little kid. He was like, 'come on guys, we have to hurry to Space mountain!'. And this morning in the bathroom I swear i heard him singing 'When you Wish Upon A Star'.

"Benjiness, I have my own adjective"

"This is Joel at the mall...'Hey girl who you with? You ever heard the song Little Things? Yo,  thats about me, girl...Awwww ya..."

"I fell off the stage and all my clothes fell off! and I wet my pants, but they fell off so I couldn't wet them, so it must have been the kid standing next to me."


Joel's Quotes


"Yeah, your teeth are clenched together, and your like 'It's cool man, I'm fine'. (on getting a painful tattoo)

"Always wear cute pajamas to bed, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams"


"Benji's the evil twin"

"Benji tries to match his hair and his underwear, and you know how he had the pink hair for a while, ya well we caught him in pink underwear one day!"

""I think Benj is a little bit more outgoing and in your face. I'm a little bit more reserved and quiet and conservative in some ways. Benj is wild, you never know what to except out of him. He's out of control sometimes, and that's the way he is and I love him for it. I wouldn't change one thing about him. We're just like Ying and Yang, me and him, like night and day sometimes. He's really outspoken and he says what he thinks right away. He's got strong opinions and he's very hard core about being umů he's not straight-edged, like he doesn't call himself straight-edged but he is just very extreme. Whatever he does is extreme and I'm not quite as much like that."

Billy's Quotes

  "Dude, I just wanna break one of those off! )talking about Benji's spikes)

  "Benji swears the song 'wondering' is for Cashdogg"

  "Do you  know how much stuff it takes to get my hair to stay up?!"

  "Picture? SURE! You want a picture? Lets take a picture!!"

  "Its also cool to pee your pants!"

  "I don't know what I had for breakfast today. It was like......something with wood."

  "Stand in the front of a mirror with a dozen of roses, and you will see 13 of the most beautiful things in the world."

"Billy: "Do you ever think about saucepans?"
Joel: "Saucepan?"
Billy: "Me neither..."

 Benji: "I love Billy."
Billy: (places hand on Benji's thigh) "And I love Benji........just joking man."


Paul's Quotes

"Watch out I might have rabies! "

"Are you sure you don't want Joel's autograph instead?"

"People are always asking for a 'Paul hug' WHAT IS THAT?"

"He's a, um, a pit bull?" (on Cashdogg)

"Come on guys, sing. I know you know the words. Sing with me!! I forgot them!"

"I'm the bass player, nobody has a crush on the bass player."

"The kids are laughing AT Paul, not WITH Paul."