~A Good Charlotte Story~

Written by Me

"DUDE DID U STEAL MY SOCKS AGAIN?!!!!!" Joel yelled from his room. He was sick of Benji stealing them.

....no answer....


....still no answer....

'Where is he this time'...thought Joel...'I'll just go get some breakfast'.  He walked into the kitchen and got cereal. when he was done he heard the door slam and Benji walked into the room.

"Where were you? I need my socks, we have to record 'wondering' today, and be at the studio in an hour."

"I'm not going" Benji told Joel. Joel noticed something was bothering his brother.

"Dude what happened? Where were you?" Joel asked Benji. He was starting to worry about Benji.

"You know that chick I was going out with? We were always arguing, so I broke up with her, but I miss her a lot."

"Benj...im sorry..."

Benji just walked into his room and stared at the walls for about an hour, till Joel and Billy came in to try to cheer him up.

"Dude, Benji, I heard what happened...Im so sorry" billy told Benji

"Leave me alone...Im going out"  Benji got up and walked out of the house, Billy and Joel heard Benji's car start.

"Im really worried about him, he seems really sad." Joel told Billy.

"He'll get over it ,man, I mean, I feel bad and all, but it was better than arguing. Lets go find him." Billy said.

They got in Joel's car and went out to look for Benji. They saw his car at the park, so they stopped to look for him. They heard a dog bark, then Cash came running up to joel and slobbered all over him. Then they saw Benji...He was talking to a girl they had never seen before. She had brown hair with blonde highlights, she was kinda short, and was wearing all black, just like Benji...They watched for awhile, hen decided to go talk to them.

"Hey Benj, r u feelin' better? Billy asked.

"Ya, hey guys, this is Erin." He was smiling. hmmm...

"Hey, cool pants, luv the studded skulls." Billy told her.

"Thanks i got them at hottopic." she said. then she smiled at benji...oooohhh...what could that mean...? :)

"Hey, Im joel, this is billy." He pointed at Billy.

"I luv your band, its so awesome" Erin said

"U wanna go for a walk?" Benji asked Erin.

"Yeah sounds fun"

Joel and Billy look at eachother with the ohhh-benji-likes-her look.

back to benji and erin....

"hey, um, do u wanna come over later? i mean, we are having a party...and..."

"I'd luv to" she interrupted him, but he was so happy, and she could tell. She liked him alot.

Later that night...

I heard the front door open around 8, it was Benji and Erin.  They were holding hands. I felt so happy for Benji, and i think he was happy too.

"Hey, guys! want anything to drink?" Billy asked

Paul was there too, he looked at Benji confused. He figured out they liked eachother though.

benji said..."just a diet coke, and a...?"

"same...thanks" erin finished his sentence.

We talked for awhile, then Benji and Erin disappeared. They musta gone on another walk. After about an hour they got back. more partying...

"come on erin ill walk you home." benji said...i dont think ive ever seen him happier...:) yay!

"thanks, hold on let me get my bag"  she got it and they left.

on the walk home....

Benji had his arm around Erin , she felt safe...she really liked him.

"Had a great time today...it was fun"

"Ya i did too...Im glad I met u" Benji smiled. Erin smiled back...

They finally got to her house, benji was sad that they did though, he didnt want her to leave. He liked her so much he was about as obsessed over her as she was over him (ALOT! TRUST ME! LOL!)...

"ummm...Benji?" erin said....he had been staring at her for what seemed like forever.

"Yeah? ohhh sorry..." he laughed. "Your awesome"

"you are too"

Benji's heart was beating so fast...so was erin's...then Benji's cell rang...it was Joel, asking what was taking him so long.

"hold on" then he hung up...

"my brother...is...rude, im sorry.

"It's fine i better go anyway...."

"ok, wait..." Benji couldnt help it...she looked so awesome....he kissed her and said goodnight....

"goodnight"...wow, that was awesome....cant wait to tell meg....i love benji....


to be continued.....