~About Me~

 Name: Erin

Nicknames: 'Lil Benji or Chicky

Hair color: brown with blonde highlights

Clothing style: mostly stuff from hot topic or anything punk-ish

Favorite food: fajitas, tacos, or bacon cheese burgers

Favorite bands: GOOD CHARLOTTE! duh...and Green day, simple plan, bowling for soup, fallout boy, killers, and alot more....

Friends: Megan, and Rachiel!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!

Favorite colors: black or red

Piercings: two on each ear.

Pets: My three puppies, Boom, Chloe, snd  Phoebe and Megans dog is Callie, shes so cute too. there's a pic of all of the puppies at the bottom....<3

Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing, listening to good charlotte, hangin out, being weird, drawing, thinking about Benji and dancing.

things i luv: Joel, Benji, Billy, Paul, Good charlotte music especially, food, my friends, Billie Joe Armstrong, concerts, punk people, my Boom, my parents, Mozda Miatas.

Favorite Drink: Dr.Pepper, frappaccinos, hot cocoa, iced tea, and slushies.

Favorite GC song: its REALLY hard, but either' the anthem', 'wondering' or 'bloody valentine'

If i could meet anyone: Benji <3







         ~BOOM~       ~CHLOE~


        ~CALLIE~        ~PHOEBE~