~Benji Levi Madden~

Birthday: March 11, 1979

Nicknames: Benji, Benj, Kid Vicious

Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland

Height: 5'7

Eye color: Brown

Gear: Soldano hot rod 100, marshall vintage series cabnit, 68' telecaster, custom 22 prs.

Clothing: bondage pants/shorts, grinders, chuck taylors, band tees, east coast clothing

Pets: Cashdogg :)

Favorite food: pizza or anything free

Favorite colors: Black and baby blue :)

Favorite shows: The simpsons, saturday night live, 7th heaven

Favorite Famous Chick: Jessica Beil

Favorite cereal: boo-berry or count chocolate

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite person in history: Martin Luther King Jr.

Favorite superhero: Toxic Avenger

Other Things I Love: 63' Chevy Impalas, Punk-rock shows-Punk rock girls, girls with tattoos and piercings, Goth girls, Old clothes ,Old junk stores ,his bike, Cashdogg (aww!)

Favorite Part of Being in Good Charlotte: Being able to do everything with his best buddys (what a sweetie!)

Hobbies: I like to listen to new bands, play with Cashdogg, and get coffee and hav a good conversation.

Things i don't love: humidity, Politicians, food poisoning, tennies and groupies, and anything else he might not like at a certain time.

Favorite star wars: The Empire Strikes Back


jJoel Ruben Madden

nickname: sickboy

hometown: waldorf,maryland

height: 5'9

eye color: brown

pets: cashdogg

favorite food: cookies

favorite color: black and babyblue

favorite movies: starwars and trainspotting

favorite hero: spiderman

favorite person in history: Elvis or James Dean

favorite ice cream: mint chocolate cookie

Things He Loves:Anything star wars, Going to the movies by himself, Cooking, Girls, sushi, spiked hair, tattoos, the east coast, the west coast, clean socks, jewelry, getting mail, shopping malls, veggie burgers.

Things He Doesn't Like: Waking up, rainy days, humidity, every math teacher, manual labor,6th and main, bitter ex-football players

Favorite Part of being in Good Charlotte:Meeting fans, traveling around the world and doing when he loves with his "bros".

hobbies: hanging out with family, playing with cashdogg and collecting toys


Billy Dean Martin

 Full name: William Dean Martin

Birthday: June 15, 1981

Hometown: Naptown, MD

Height: 5'11

Contributions: Guitar and some back up vocals

Eye Color: Blue

Present Hair Color: Black

Clothing: Dickies, Puma, East Coast Clothing, Volcom, Tribal Gear, level 27

Gear: Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Mesa-Boogie Amps, Boss effect pedals

Pets: (Bunji, Sam, Cash)-Dogs, (Nelly, Nelson, Stellar)-cats, and 127 hamsters


Food: pizza, Food with peanut butter in it, sushi, bean burritos

Color: black

Movies: Star Wars, The Crow, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Nightmare Before Christmas

T.V. Show: The Simpsons

Cereal: Anything with Marshmallows in it....Lucky Charms, Boo Berry....

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Famous Chick: Too hard....Angelina Jolie, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera

Holiday: Christmas

Restaurant: Taco Bell

Rapper: Don Gilmore

Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup

Superhero: Batman

Other Things I love: Drawing, Comic books, Cartoons, girls, going online, music in general, sleeping, tattoos

Things I Don't Love: People who dont use their blinkers, really lazy people, meat, annoying people, turtlenecks, snakes

Musical Influences/Favorite Bands: silverchair, Incubus, Deftones, Michael Jackson, Lit, Linkin Park, Orgy, KoRn

Favorite Part Of Being In GC: Getting to meet new fans across the whole U.S. every day with my best friends

Hobbies: Collecting Toys (Star Wars, Simpsons, Comic book characters), buying new clothes, playing music, hanging out with my friends