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Mount Rainier
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Mount Rainier, named after Rear Admiral Peter Rainier by Captain George Vancouver in 1792, stands above all in the Cascades. Here's the 14,411' volcanic pride of Washington...

A view from Mount Adams
The mountain has many faces. Here's the view from the summit of Mount Adams.

ACSL near Mount Rainier Near sunset - ACSL
On 15 February 1997, an altocumulus standing lenticular cloud formed near Mount Rainier and lasted through the afternoon and sunset. This cloud is formed as moisture is lifted by the mountain in stable layers of the atmosphere. The moisture cools as it rises and condenses into spectacular clouds.

Inverted shadow
Occasionally, when the sun rises behind Mount Rainier and clouds are on the west side of the Cascades, an inverted shadow is cast on the base of the clouds. 

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