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Winter '98-'99
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With the snowpack of '98-'99, who could resist this outdoor adventure?  Lots of Winter fun iglooing and snow caving...

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My daughter, Erin, and I made our first igloo together.  Although not perfectly dome shaped, it took us less than an hour to complete.

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Darrin and I snow-caved by Reflection Lake on Mt Rainier.

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Here's my second igloo of the year by Anvil Rock on the Muir snowfield.  Top left is Mt Adams.  Top right is a photograph of Mt Rainier's shadow cast to the east.

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Night on the mountain.

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Day or night?   A 15 minute exposure, this is actually a night photo (note the stars).

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Once the igloo was collapsed and I was heading down, the weather turned for the worse.   At best, visibility was about 40 feet and at times I couldn't see my feet.  It doesn't get any better than this!

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