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In August of 1996, some friends and I traversed the Olympics from west to east. We entered via the Hoh river trail and departed through the Dosewallups. The hike took nine days and we covered about 80 miles, including four passes... 

 Ken and a deer sharing the trail
A deer sharing the trail on the way up to Glacier Meadows. 

Camp at Glacier Pass Above the upper Hoh glacier Blizzard Pass
On the way, we camped at Glacier Pass (left) on Mt Olympus, then made our way past Camp Pam (center) and up to Blizzard Pass (right). 

Dodwell-Rixon Pass  Jeff near Haydon Pass
We camped at Dodwell-Rixon Pass (left) then worked our way into the Elwha Basin, stressing the word "worked". I'm finally nearing Hayden Pass (right), the last rise before our descent into the Dosewallups river basin.

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